Atlas Jewelry Services pays more for your Jewelry item

The Buying Process

Here is our simple 3 Step Buying Process

Step : 1

Call of email us for an appointment
@ (817) 403 1278

All appointments will be performed in our Southlake location.

Step : 2

Assemble your collection of unwanted jewelry items.

Assemble your collection of unwanted jewelry Items. Please remember to bring in old appraisals or certifications, as these can increase the value.

Step : 3

Come to your private appointment where you’ll be paid..

At Atlas Jewelry Services; I believe that an experienced and educated jewelry buyer is the best way to sell your jewelry items. You will not stand in line and talk to some dude to weight your jewelry, hit the calculator and attempt to buy at the lowest possible price. I believe trust and honesty are essential in the gold buying process and I will continually work on preserving my good name.

A deeper understanding of gold

Here is some deepar understanding of gold and karat

For gold, karat grade is used to express the balance of gold to alloys when your item was made. For an example; the most pure gold that can be found is 99.9% pure is 24 karat. As the number decreases the balance of gold to alloy changes. See the chart below.

Karat Parts Gold Alloy
10K 10/24 41.67% 417
14K 14/24 58.33% 585
18K 18/24 75.00% 750
22K 22/24 91.66% 917

The higher the purity of Gold, the greater its karat value will be. When you come in for your evaluation, I will carefully examine the gold pieces that you bring in on individual basis to ensure a thorough analysis.

I am confident that once you go through the process you will find no underhanded tricks or deceit and will be satisfied with the entire exchange process and will want to visit us whenever you require cash for your unwanted gold pieces and other precious metals that you may have.