Atlas Jewelry Services offers detailed and comprehensive Jewelry Appraisals

What makes a good appraisal good and a bad appraisal bad?

Years ago, a person would drop off their jewelry item(s) with an appraiser and pick it up a few days later with a single page document, displaying limited description of the item and a value, in order to submit it to their insurance company. People weren’t worry about the possibility of diamond swapping or whether the insurance company would accept a document without professional credentials. These bad appraisals have been known to leave out important information, which can cause problems with the claim’s adjuster, if the item is ever lost or stolen. The claims adjuster reviews the bad appraisal and fills in the blanks to make your loss “whole”, which can actually lower the value of your item. Today, with mounting stories of diamond swapping and strict minimum educational requirements for the document to be accepted; it only makes sense to make an appointment with a Graduate Gemologist and watch your jewelry be appraised while you wait. You will receive a thorough, comprehensive and detailed appraisal, perfectly outlining all aspect of value for your jewelry item(s).

Sample of a Good and Bad Appraisal

We've found that having our clients present for the appraisal enables them to have an interactive experience with the appraiser, where they are encouraged to ask questions and express concerns.

Your appraisal will be printed at the end of the appointment; however, where the appraiser needs more time to complete research or if you have a large collection a week delay may be warranted.

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